Sunday, November 10, 2013

Film in TCR + few goodies

by aleks

Edit 11/11/13: SJG FILM BANK - For the last 2 years SJG film non-committee have been meeting and discussing films to be screened in TCR; last year we shared four movies, this year three… The link below goes to google-doc that contains suggestions and recommendations for the films discussed, but not yet shown - it was put together by non-committe member Joan K. and filled with ideas from YOU and non-committee members. If you have more suggestions, please email us and we will add them to the JAPANESE FILM BANK - happy winter viewing!

SJG • 10/22/13 - Only recently I became aware that some of our non-evergreen azaleas are more than one-pony trickers: here is a royal azalea along the second shortcut -  in spring it has very distinctive pale green leaves, then white to pink flowers, in late summer its leaves become pinkish, and in late fall the leaves turn golden yellow with pinkish tint.

•  All SJG volunteers received the note below, re-posting here as a reminder and for those also interested, but not notified (you can come as my friend)…. This is an offering from film non-commitee:

1 pm, THIS Thursday, November 14 – Film:  Hula Girls.   Join us in the Tateuchi Room to view the inspiring 1965 film, Hula Girls, based on the true story of how the people of a small coal mining town on the north east coast of Japan coped with economic decline by building a Hawaiian Village.  (They built it, and many came!) The two-hour film also portrays a touching tale of personal redemption.  A recent documentary on the village’s recovery from the tsunami in 2011 is available in DVD from the Japanese Consulate in Seattle and may be shown at another time if interest warrants it.

SJG • 10/22/13 - late afternoon sun on the East path

• Here is a contribution from a new guide, Victoria B. who just had last of the season tour 'with delightful 5th graders from a Waldorf school. […] One girl said she wanted to bring a tatami mat and put it under the wisteria arbor and live there!   Many said they wanted to come back in the spring when things were blooming.'  

Victoria shared this with me ( thank you, Victoria!), because I was nominally her mentor (she really didn't need one), and included this morsel, to share with all of you:

'A friend who sends me websites with funny or beautiful photos, sent me one with fall-foliage photos-- one photo from each state with the dates that the colors are best.   The one representing Washington State is in our garden!   It shows the kasuga lantern and the WPA bridge.  Here's the website-- I don't know if someone would send the link to the docents or if you could put it on your website but I think its a great honor that we have the most stunning fall foliage of anywhere in Washington.


SJG • 10/22/13 - A young visitor on the WPA bridge

• and this comes from our old, old  guide (well, not really, but she wasn't just trained, so i can joke - i'm an ancient guide judging by the year of training), Jeanne P:

'Aleks, I don't know if this is appropriate for the blog, since it is a commercial venture. On the other hand, it is about (mostly) local potters inspired by traditional Japanese pottery. Here is the link:


SJG - 10/22/13 - stripe bark maple's leaves

• And a reminder from cont. ed. committee - for volunteers only,  the rest of you just go ahead and get jealous, or  become SJG volunteers...

10:30 am, Thursday, November 21 - Special talk/Cont Ed,

Masa Mizuno will present a talk on the maintenance and history of Seattle Japanese Garden. Masa & Associates specializes in the continuity and refinement of established gardens, instruction/presentations, building, and consulting of commercial, private and public gardens in Canada and the U.S., including Seattle Japanese Garden and the Portland Japanese Garden. We are fortunate to have him with us.

• • • 
HULA GIRLS trailer:

P.S. The leaves are mostly gone now, just a few reminders in pics...