Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kodomo no hi

by aleks

Yesterday we had another joyful celebration of Children's Day (Kodomo no hi) in Seattle Japanese Garden: the kids were making origami, sun hats, carp sock streamers and created their own zen gardens.

SJG • 5/26/14 - origami and hat making

The children enjoyed feeding the koi fish on the bridge and were entertained by Mimibunko Puppet Theatre performances and Kaze Taiko Drummers; upon leaving they were receiving a sweet Japanese treat (no food in the Garden) to make the memory of the fun last a few minutes longer.

SJG • 5/26/14 - koi feeding

I found this description of Kodomo no hi on Asia Kids Society website - while copying it below I noted  that it included Koinobori Song - something we should incorporate into future celebrations, theach children this sweet song or at least play it by the table where they make koinobori:

SJG • 5/26/14 - my first zen garden

Koinobori Song

Yane yori takai koinobori
Ookii magoi wa otousan
Chiisai higoi wa kodomotachi
Omoshirosouni oyoideru 

The koinobori are higher than the rooftops
The big black carp is the father
The small golden-red carp is the child
How pleasing it is to swim!
Children are stars. Fish fly. Schools have the day off.

Every May 5, it is Kodomo no Hi or "Children’s Day" in Japan. Families fly koinobori banners in the shape of a carp (a type of fish) for each child in their house. In Japanese folklore, the carp is a symbol of determination and vigor, overcoming all obstacles to swim upstream. Samurai warrior figurines and samurai kabuto helmets are also displayed in homes to inspire strength and bravery.

SJG • 5/26/14 -koinobori making

Children indulge in kashiwa-mochi, sticky rice cakes wrapped in oak leaves, and other sweets. Around the country there are many events for children and families. Children take center stage in traditional Japanese plays. Thousands of children compete in the "Kids' Olympics" held at the National Kasumigaoka Stadium in Tokyo. Children also use the day to thank and show respect for the teachers, parents, and relatives who care for them.

SJG • 5/26/14 - Mimibunko Puppet Theatre

Until 1948, May 5 was called Tango no sekku and only honored boys. A separate holiday called Hinamatsuri or "Dolls' Day" celebrated girls on March 3. […]

SJG • 5/26/14 - Kaze Taiko Drummers

Thursday, May 22, 2014

HAIKU FIELD TRIP to our own Garden - this saturday, May 24th

SJG • 5/13/14 - entrance to the Tea House Garden

Dear friends and poetry lovers,

Do not miss this HAIKU FIELD TRIP to our own Garden. We will gain inspiration from instruction and haiku in the garden. Bring a  sack lunch to enjoy at noon in the TCR during haiku sharing and discussion. Our instructor, Michael Dylan Welch, will lead the class and encourage us as we compose our own haiku.

Meet in the Tateuchi Community Room, Saturday, May 24th, 10 am  - 1pm

Best wishes from your Japanese Garden Event Planning Committee!

 Kobayashi Issa  1814

assari to haru wa ki ni keri asagi-zora

spring comes simply

with a pale blue


Translation by David Lanoue http://haikuguy.com/issa/

• Open to volunteers and staff of SJG and their partners/friends (if you need a SJG contact  to attend this class email me, so we can became friends)
• Michael Dylan Welch website - GRACEGUTS here - his work, his bio, appearances and more…
• YES, bring your suck lunch and I'll bring a Bolivian huminta pie (Copacabana restaurant recipe)  in case you are still hungry…

SJG • 5/9/14

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Seattle Butoh Festival 2014

DAIPANbutoh Collective presents:

Seattle Butoh Festival 2014: Spring Solo Fest
May 30 & 31, 2014 •  7:30 pm

$15/$12 single; $25 festival pass

Taoist Studies Institute
225 N 70th St, Seattle WA 98103


The festival will take place at the Taoist Studies Institute in Greenwood, an inspirational refuge of harmony and natural wood surfaces. Four solos each night with featured artists: Sheri Brown, Diana García-Snyder, Kaoru Okumura, Alexander Riding, Alan Sutherland, and Helen Thorsen plus new work choreographed by Joan Laage performed by Katrina Wolfe and Shoko Zama.

Photo credits:Dancer - Shoko Zama, Calligrapher - Yoshiko Higashimura, Photographer - Tomoko Jones

Attention docents:

1.) Coming saturday, May 10, 10am-1pm —May Bloomers Garden Tour—Unit86 Plant List Committee

1.) Re: butoh - we will have a continuing education class Gardening the Body—Art and Practice of Butoh on July 19, Saturday, 10 AM-1 PM; it will be lead by artist Joan Laage, who is also our colleague docent.