Thursday, May 22, 2014

HAIKU FIELD TRIP to our own Garden - this saturday, May 24th

SJG • 5/13/14 - entrance to the Tea House Garden

Dear friends and poetry lovers,

Do not miss this HAIKU FIELD TRIP to our own Garden. We will gain inspiration from instruction and haiku in the garden. Bring a  sack lunch to enjoy at noon in the TCR during haiku sharing and discussion. Our instructor, Michael Dylan Welch, will lead the class and encourage us as we compose our own haiku.

Meet in the Tateuchi Community Room, Saturday, May 24th, 10 am  - 1pm

Best wishes from your Japanese Garden Event Planning Committee!

 Kobayashi Issa  1814

assari to haru wa ki ni keri asagi-zora

spring comes simply

with a pale blue


Translation by David Lanoue

• Open to volunteers and staff of SJG and their partners/friends (if you need a SJG contact  to attend this class email me, so we can became friends)
• Michael Dylan Welch website - GRACEGUTS here - his work, his bio, appearances and more…
• YES, bring your suck lunch and I'll bring a Bolivian huminta pie (Copacabana restaurant recipe)  in case you are still hungry…

SJG • 5/9/14

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