Because the Garden is Closed until Further Notice,
ALL Events subject to Change.

Please check this Blog and the SJG Website for Event Time and Details.

SJG 60th Anniversary Calendar
1          First Viewing – Garden Opening Ceremonies
7          Family Saturday – Climate Justice Arts Festival by Seattle Rep

2          First Thursday – Meet Me at Higo – CANCELLED
11        Family Saturday – Family Haiku - CANCELLED

1          Photo Member Contest - To Be RESCHEDULED
7          First Thursday – “Northwest Nikkei” - To Be RESCHEDULED
16        Family Saturday – Koi Day - To Be RESCHEDULED        
27        May Lantern Hours - 7-8pm - Members only - To Be RESCHEDULED

4          First Thursday – History of the Seattle Japanese Garden (Unit 86 Sponsor) - To Be RESCHEDULED
5          - 60th Anniversary Day Ceremonies - To Be RESCHEDULED
13        Family Saturday – Shibori-inspired Youth Art by Hillary Moore - To Be RESCHEDULED

2          First Thursday – Youth in Focus Photography Exhibit - SORRY, NOT YET
11        Family Saturday – TANABATA - To Be VIRTUAL

6          First Thursday – 60th Anniversary Exhibit “Seeing | Seeds | Stories” - VIRTUAL
15        Family Saturday – Origami by Paper - CANCELLED
28-29               Moon Viewing - SO SORRY, NOT THIS YEAR

3          First Thursday – Wandering & Wondering - RESCHEDULED to - - -
17        World of Butoh - VIRTUAL EVENT - More Info
26        Family Saturday – Respect for Elders Day – Tacchan’s Kamishibai Theater - To Be RESCHEDULED

1          First Thursday – Maples of the Seattle Japanese Garden
3+4      Tacchan’s Kamishibai Theater
5          Anniversary of Imperial Visit / Gingko Tree planting
10        Family Saturday – Taiko & Crafts

Unit 86 Continuing Ed Calendar

April 7Film screeningTo Be RESCHEDULED
“The Gardener” (2018), Director Sébastien Chabot, 1h 28m.
The story of the creation, in Quebec, of a personal garden that contains a significant Japanese section. Lunchtime discussion.

April 21Reading discussionTo Be RESCHEDULED
No-No Boy, by John Okada (2014 ed. recommended).

May 21Lunchtime discussion - Held Virtually
“Our Favorite Japanese Gardens,” by Unit 86 members who will share photos and memories.

June 24Lecture Held Virtually - 10am
”Zen Roots and Garden Blossoms: On the Seattle Japanese Garden,”
by Dr. Jason Wirth, Zen Priest and Seattle University Philosophy Professor.

July 14Reading Discussion:Held Virtually
The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa, translated by Stephen Snyder (2019).

August 22Tea Ceremony: - CANCELLED
by Chaboshu men’s tea group. (Sign up experience)

September 17
Sign up experience: Traditional Japanese craft presentation and workshop—Mizuhiki
by Susan Ott-Ralph. - CANCELLED

November 3Reading Discussion:
Autumn Light: Season of Fire and Farewells, by Pico Iyer (2019)

November 14Class and Garden Tour:
“Native and Non-Native Evergreens”—, by Unit 86 Plant Committee


  1. I think it would be good to mention if an event listed is free of charge (included with admission)or there is the additional fee (as for tea ceremony.)Or perhaps I missed something and such an information is already there, isn't it, Aleks? Anyway, great job!

  2. thanks, Sol, for pointing out that it's not clear for whom the calendar is intended; it's for the guides only, listing their continuous education lectures, meetings, etc. i fixed it now, spelling it out on the top of page.

    i might be making a 'public' calendar' later (if i figure out how to fit it in the left-side 'Garden Events' column) - then i'll try to accommodate the fee, etc. i just run through the SPR page, and seems like admission went up another buck

  3. Congratulations on the calendar, Aleks! Thanks for adding the monthly meetings. And for splendid pictures of the gorgeous blossoms for those who can't enjoy in person!


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