Monday, September 11, 2017

Congratulations Moon Viewing haiku winners 2017!

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by Peggy Garber

Judged by Tanya McDonald and Michael Dylan Welch (from 122 entries) of the Haiku Northwest

Thank you to everyone who entered the spirit of participation and celebration in writing haiku for the 2017 Seattle Japanese Garden Moon Viewing Haiku Contest, held on September 9, 2017. The entries seemed stronger and more poetic this year. If your name is partial below, or you provided no contact information, please email so we can update our records. If you have not yet received your prize, please contact the garden. First prize was an annual garden membership. Second prize was a garden T-shirt. And third prize was a set of garden postcards. Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who submitted poems.

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by NatSuyenaga 

First Place

lantern in the tree
it could be the only moon
we will see tonight

                  Sarah Aday [no contact info provided]

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by km

Second Place

hidden moon
I cannot see you—
looking still matters

                  Brian C. [no last name or contact info provided]

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by Peggy Garber

Third Place

consider the moon . . .
the audience is not unlike
the koi

                  Russell Nielson [spelling of last name unclear, perhaps Nelson or Nukor, email address also unclear]

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

for the autumn moon
another bowl of tea

                 Gwen Stamm 

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by Peggy Garber

needles outstretched
the crone-backed tree
beckons the moon

                  Samuel Levy 

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by Peggy Garber

orange moon—
can autumn fires
keep me from your gaze?

                  Karen Radcliff 

SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by Peggy Garber

the moon hides
behind the clouds
waiting to shine

                  Diana Danzberger 
SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by Peggy Garber

otsumi for 100 people
if the moon were here
it would be too crowded


SJG • 9/9/17 - Photo by NatSuyenaga

empty bento box
chilly breeze ruffles my scarf
waiting for the moon

                  Nina Marini 
SJG • 9/10/17 - The morning after the Otsukimi; Photo by km