SJG celebrated 50th anniversary in 2012.  Hello, fellow guides:  would you like to write a brief history?

For now:
•  a link to PDF article by Koichi Kobayashi
Seattle Japanese Garden digital archive - by Koichi Kobayashi (added 9/12/14)
• Study of Landscape Space and Design Elements at Seattle Japanese Garden (download) - by Koichi Kobayashi (added 9/12/14)
•  Wikipedia article on SJG
• short note about Juki Iida
• and 2:22 minutes video about Seattle Japanese Garden (half way down the list of clips) from Anderson Japanese Gardens  - there is a short historical note embedded on the side (scroll down to read it)
• SJG history at Urasenke website (please note link to the history of the Tea House at the bottom of the page)

•  'Dream window: Reflections on the Japanese Garden' - 1992 Smithsonian documentary -exquisite exploration of landscape with Toru Takemitsu's music, filmed in gardens of Japan - your options of watching below:

           -  2 minutes preview on Smithsonian channel:

        - full length (57 minutes, no ads) on OVGuide (a website aggregator which allows users to find online video content) - click on 'Dream Window' - the last of the six presented on this page;

       - or youtube channel (in 3 installments, with ads at the beginning) - part 1 here, follow there for the next parts:

       -or rent it from Scarecrow (independent videostore in U-District) for a small fee:


  1. You can visit www.seattle-japanese-garden-digital-archive.com to acqure most of historical documents on the garden.

  2. 9/12/14 - added links for both SJG digital archive and study of landscape space and design elements - thank you, Koichi Kobayashi!

  3. Please visit here:


    1. Trying to add your link. thank you for this, Koichi. We showed 'dream window' film twice now to the guides, and whoever wants to see it. too. SJG owns this great film, just ask at the gate

    2. Dream Windows is a beautiful film that captures the essence of a Japanese garden. You may view the film by clicking on the link provided above or view it on You Tube. The SJG guides were given a gift of a DVD of Dream Windows, which is no longer publicly available in DVD format. Use of this rare DVD is limited to officers of the guides' organization and staff of the Parks Department.

    3. i added multiple active links to the 'Dream Window’ film above, in the body of the post. i hope you are mistaken, Monzie, that the DVD in SJG is now only ‘limited to officers of the guide’s organizations and staff of the Parks Department’, as opposed to like it was in the past: with a receipt to any docent wishing to see it. anyway, all the other viewing options are now linked above.


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