Saturday, January 1, 2011

Other gardens - Bellevue Botanical Garden d'Lights

by aleks
Each year around Christmas holidays  the Bellevue Botanical Garden prepares enormously popular light show which transform BBG into  a blossoming winter wonderland.  This year it took over 8600 hours donated by 216 volunteers and over 1/2 million lights to create this spectacular display, popular with kids and adults alike.

The vegetable garden with corn stalks, grapes on the wine field complete with a Scarecrow welcomes you at the entrance, then made-of-lights- christmas tree by the door, and then you proceed through a colorful meadow on the lawn, pond with a swan, tropical garden with palms and mccaw and alligator, squirrel on the patio, waterfalls and river complete with fish.  The visitor center houses a giant made-of-lights aquarium with fish, crab, sea horses and starfish; children happily scream upon finding spider's web, geckos or a slug, all listed on a map given to visitors at the entrance gate.

There is a photo gallery at the BBG Garden d'Lights website, and here are a few pics taken by my husband on 12/30/10, enjoy (the lights exhibit closes today):

(Click on the pics to enlarge them)
Meadow on the lawn
Pond (I see the duck, but the brochure said it's a 'swan') - pretty anyway...
Corn stalks on the edge of the grape field
Pampas grass
Another view of the pond
The Japanese part of the BBG: trees got special night glow with lights


  1. Many thanks to your talented husband! These pictures are spectacular...can't decide on a favorite, so won't.

    8,600 hours by 216 volunteers - that's an immense effort with outstanding results and an art form in its own right. Thanks to the BBG bright lights volunteers!

  2. i just thanked him, Monzie:). he didn't want a name credit, so had to go as Mr. husband.

    also, temporarily re-arranged the blog & changed the size of the pics, so people can see them better. when somebody writes next post i'll resize them back to fitting the column.

    don't you just feel those volunteers' love in the display?

  3. Great photos, aleks's husband, sir! I like that the lights are separated and distinct, not one blur of color but tiny little "points" like in a modern, semi-impressionist painting. The first two photos are especially lovely, with the completely black background.
    I also feel a crisp air of wintertime in them...

  4. hi Sol - one blur of color is what my camera produces in the dark; it's still interesting, bur there is no picture, just an abstract blur... Tony was somehow able to get 'the scene'. and yes, it was coooold.

  5. Aleks, how about posting one of you own, blurred pictures? It would be interesting to see.

  6. Sol: this year i didn't even attempt to photo, and threw out the last year's blurry attempts... i wish i kept them, the comparison would be quite striking..

  7. you have uploded an amazing pic keep on updating more pic like this :-)

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