Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Master Gardeners: 'adios' to Kathy and 'welcome' to Sue

by aleks
from MAC's email yesterday:

Hi Aleks,
I stopped by the Garden this afternoon to say "adios" to Kathy, as this is her last day at the Garden.  I was able to meet the new gardener, Sue, so got a picture of them & took a few of the Garden, also.  I told Kathy I would forward the picture to you & you can post it on the blog - how convenient that I don't know how to do it, so you get to do the work!!!!  

SJG 4/1/11 - We will miss you, Kathy & we can't wait to meet you, Sue. Photo by MAC

The second picture is of the koi under the ice between the wisteria arbor & the lantern at the harbor's edge - Kathy said that is the deepest part of the pond, so that is where they hang out in a comatose state.  

SJG - 4/1/11 - Comatose koi under the ice:(  will they be all right? Photo by MAC

Both streams were frozen over as was the pond - the third picture is one of the streams...

SJG - Frozen stream on 1/4/11.  Ooops,  seems like frozen dead...  Photo by MAC

Your husband's pictures at the Botanical Gardens were wonderful! 

PS - I sent this email to you earlier, but it came back as undelivered.  Don't know if I had too many pictures attached (Juno is weird in that respect), so I'm sending the first picture with this email - if it goes through, I'll send each picture in a separate email.  MAC

[Thank you, MAC, for your email and great message; and let me know when you are ready for blog-tutorial. aleks]


  1. I am so out of it I didn't even know Kathy was leaving, would have
    liked to have said goodbye(:

  2. MAC - thanks for great news coverage with pictures! Nothing rivals a reporter on the scene.

  3. rpacht: i don't think anybody knew, as the garden is closed. darn, if they let us vote on it, at least we'd have voted for send-off cookies for Kathy. the rumor has it that she is not leaving town, nor even the SPR, she will be in a different park - we can hound her there with the said cookies.... wanna join?

  4. I'm sorry to see Kathy leave the Japanese Garden. As a new tour guide, it was always comforting to see her working in the garden as I was leading the tours. If anyone had a question that I couldn't answer, and if Kathy was there, she always had the information. She would also add additional information, like the time someone asked about the different varieties of maples. Kathy explained to the group that there is a Japanese garden in the southwest that had no maples, but it was still an authentic Japanese garden, with cacti and desert plants. We will miss her!