Seattle Japanese Garden - official site,  run by Washington Park Arboretum
Seattle Japanese Garden - official site at Seattle Park and Recreation (city of Seattle)

Kubota Garden - Seattle, WA; 20 acre landscape that blends Japanese garden concepts with native
Northwest plants
Kubota Garden - Essay from HistoryLink
Bloedel Reserve - on Bainbridge Island, contains Japanese Garden
Japanese Garden - article from Wikipedia
Japanese Garden Journal - from Rockport, Maine; a publisher of Sukija Living
Kyoto Gardens - a rich website (includes origins, elements and glossary)  from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine
Types of Japanese Gardens - Rock Gardens, Dry Landscapes, Hill Gardens, Karesansui, Kasam, Tsukiyama, others; a page from Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan
The Japanese Garden Database - a repository of information on the historical and contemporary gardens of Japan as well as the gardens outside Japan that have been inspired by the culture
Japanese Garden Design Principles - collection of informative articles on Japanese gardening, including Bonsai; from Gardening with the Helpful Gardener
Haiku Northwest - local group of haiku poets, meets second thursday of each month (usually Bellevue)
The North American Post -   the oldest Japanese newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1902, it has been serving Nikkei community.

2 added 9/13/14, courtesy of Koichi Kobayashi - thank you, Koichi!:
Study of Landscape Space and Design Elements at Seattle Japanese Garden, 2014 - PDF download - very instructive paper on principles and essence of Japanese Gardens
Seattle Japanese Garden - digital archive

Added 4/8/11:
Japanese Garden Dictionary - Glossary of Japanese Garden and their history; English and Japanese index
Japan Fact Sheet - Flora and Fauna
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan - from foreign policy to culture
Web Japan - ever-evolving site, includes Kids-web-Japan

Links about Japanese Butoh dance:
Wikipedia on butoh
Flesh + Blood Mystery Theater
NYT - Butoh: Dance of Darkness

If you can think about other interesting websites, please share below - i'll add them to the list.


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    The Japanese Garden in Seattle by Mr. Kitamura
    Mr. Kitamura was an engineer at the Tokyo Metropolitan Parks Department and came to Seattle with Mr. Iida in 1960 to build the Japanese Garden. His article was published on a magazine titled Toshi Kōen (都市公園 English title: The Public Park) in Tokyo, November 1960.

  7. Where can I take Ikebana classes in Seattle?


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