Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SJG Plant List 2010

This is a smile for Kathleen Smith: a long-time AF Unit 86 volunteer, who worked with Seattle Parks and Recreation to research the plant collection of the Japanese Garden for the original list and created the Plant List Booklet in 1995, and updated it until 2008.

Kathleen no longer lives in a walking distance from the Garden, and it took a committee of 8 people to prepare a current update - work that she did all those years by herself.

Plants of the Japanese Garden List 2010 is available at the booth in the Garden, and also on the Seattle Park and Recreation's   JG webpage.  Click on 'About Garden' (or scroll down to that section) to find a list of park resources including the 'Japanese Garden Plant Booklet.'

This is for you, Kathleen!  THANK YOU!

まかぬ種は生えぬ (Makanu tane ha haenu) -- (lit. It doesn't bud if you don't seed)

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