Monday, October 18, 2010

Maple Viewing Fest

by aleks

I'm sure Seattle Parks officials are thrilled by the attendance of the Maple Viewing Fest this year -  I have never seen our Japanese Garden that crowded and although it probably means it is getting its well deserved recognition, I surely hope we will not become that crowded on regular basis.  Professor Ken Brown, of the California State University Long Beach, who had to climb benches a few times to be heard by us all during his over-attended public tour, quipped that the Japanese garden is a lot like Disneyland: lots of hills and valleys crowded into small space, to make illusion of a much bigger space than it really is. Having to step aside while making room for strolling fellow visitors and getting run into by a few of them,  made me think that  illusion of the size is not the only similarity this Sunday.

Beautiful weather surely spiked the attendance, as people rushed out on a brilliant day to catch the last rays of sun, admire the vivid colors or enjoy the taiko drummers before the rainy season closes on us...

I was scheduled to cover the origami table afternoon shift; was a bit worried how to make up for the fact that my skills are only one lesson old... Thankfully Elizabeth M. showed up, unscheduled, and kindly offered her help if anyone wanted to do something else; so I went to catch the tour/lecture and a few pics of the autumn leaves.  Upon my return Elizabeth and Lynnda were still patiently  folding paper and making boxes and cranes with everyone who wanted to learn -  a very popular activity all day.

The ikebana exhibit was well attended, too - and so was the Katsura photo-art part 2, as they shared the Tateuchi Room.

Lynnda taught me how to make an origami box only a week ago; yesterday she taught me how to make an origami crane.  Sorry I wasn't a good student, or a good co-worker at the Maple Viewing Fest (I chatted with guests too much) but I so appreciated my first pink crane!

Below are on-line instructions on how  to make origami box and crane - both links will take you to very delightful sites about the origami art:
- origami box here
- origami crane here

猿も木から落ちる (Saru mo ki kara ochiru) -- even experts make mistakes (lit. Even monkeys drop from a tree) (typically translated as Even Homer sometimes nods)


  1. It was daunting to lead a tour 30 minutes ahead of the eminent Ken Brown's tour! Scene of 100s as we circled the garden, my eye on keeping well in advance of Ken's. We paused at the origami table - and I noted that Aleks was diligently at work under Lynnda'a patient tutelage. Don't be fooled Our blogmistress is competent at - well, ok, step one - of the origami curriculum.

  2. hi, Monzie!

    yes, i saw you trying to keep smartly in advance of the eminent Ken's tour. and when the both tours suddenly converged at the south edge of the Tea House Garden (which at that very time started to empty out after the tea ceremony)... oh, my! i thought the spot was so crowded it may just explode any minute. i quickly moved away from the possible epicenter, and when i looked back, you and your group were gone, too:)..