Friday, December 17, 2010

SJG has a FLICR group!

by aleks
Stone Bridge

Rachel emailed that SJG established a FLICR group; this is from her email:  "Flicr is a photo sharing site. The idea of creating a group for the Garden is to allow visitors to share photos of their visit in one place."

It's a yahoo account, which everybody can join for free, hopefully a fun idea for the readers of this blog, too.  It currently has 11 members and 67 beautiful photos.  Signing up seems very easy - I haven't yet, but will as soon as I make some sharing-worthy pics.  You can view the pics without joining, here:
SJG Flicr group.

The photo above is from the site, author:  David M. Cobb.  Enjoy the rest of the pics and perhaps join the group and add yours! :)

I'll post a link to this site under Garden Events (on the left) - it'll be sitting there permanently, at least till Garden reopens...  May have to relocate it then, so it doesn't get lost....


  1. Hi Aleks,

    This is your garden? this is beautiful and i loved your stone pathway.

    Just like to share with you a funny quotes...

    "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying." - Woody Allen

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  2. it's nice blog..... i like it..
    pleased to meet your blog...
    COME VISIT ME...OK...thank you very much

  3. hi, Tanya.

    no, this is NOT my own garden; it's a public garden in seattle, WA, (USofA), where i'm just one of many guides, just like you are one of many employees in a beautiful Boracy hotel. thanks for stopping by from neat beaches of Philippines!

    love your Woddy Allen quote - and keep them coming :)

  4. hi, abenk!

    pleased to meet you, too! i did click on your visit me link and it took me to university in west sumatra! wow, are you a student there? what are you studying? happy holidays!