Monday, February 7, 2011

Guides, Garden Volunteers - the Season Begins!

by Monzie
Plan on having that second cup of coffee or tea and nibbles with us at our first monthly continuing education meeting of the year:  10:30 am to noon, Thursday, February 17 in the Tateuchi Community Room.

To help us freshen our guiding scripts and techniques, Parks Educator Belinda Chin (her talk at the 2010 training class won wide acclaim) will lead off the season with "Tips for Interpretive Guided Tours."

Belinda is the K-12 education program supervisor for environmental learning at Parks and an enthusiastic volunteer herself.  She is a former earth science teacher at McClure Middle School and National Park Service interpretive ranger.

In addition, there is much news to cover after our three-month vacation.  So this meeting will begin very shortly after 10:30  with opening remarks by Unit 86 President Myrna Aavedal. 

Parks Horticulturist Lisa Chen will give an update on improvements made in the garden in November, staff changes and the outlook for more thinning and pruning on the west side later in the year.

Please refer to the standing column on the right for the dates and topics of upcoming meetings.  You will receive reminders and more details on each session here and also by email from Myrna about one week in advance of each session.

Special note:  We are alternating meetings between Thursday ad Saturday again this year.

The March meeting will be from 10:30 am to noon, Saturday, March 19, when Chris Charbonneau, president of the Washington Koi and Water Garden Society, will talk about the lake's living art.

Your continuing education committee welcomes questions and suggestions!  Contact Michele Malo, Mary Ann Wiley, Shizue Prochaska or Joan Kelday.


  1. congratulations, Monzie! you had 28 page-views on your post today, as opposed to average 10 views/day from a lull of the past two weeks... our guides seem to have an amazing bee-to-honey-suckle intuition on when to look on the blog, even though we have only 6 of them on the list to be notified about a new post.

    anyway, folks- YES, the season begins. yay! complete with educational committee announcements and meetings and reassuring, as always, msgs from Mary, reading: 'guides needed for tour on so and so day...'. isn't that one glorious almost spring time for all of us, loving the Japanese Garden?!

    BTW. is the plant committee mtg colliding with educational mtg on 2/17? please, help those of us involved. i'd like to make both. wouldn't you?

  2. Hi, Aleks - totally cool pix in your last post, BTW.

    Wouldn't it be helpful to have committee meetings posted on the blog! Maybe a calendar?Whatever. Might help avoid scheduling conflicts and alert us all to prospective news from committees...

  3. totally cool idea about a calendar, Monzie! researching it now and it seems i'm not the first one to look. so calendar of events coming soon! thanks for the great thought! there are side-bars and post calendars, will experiment on them soon.

    which pic did you like exactly, Monzie? some people grew nostalgic about the rain/fog covered entrance, others liked 'garden will reopen' sign i snapped through the gate, but nobody commented about the raindrops on the branches, so far... oh, well

  4. Comments on your pix were person-to-person, perhaps, not on blog I see.

    Actually, raindrops on branches did win my personal favorite...but tough choice. The others were good mood shots and, of course, garden reopens Feb 13 had a Useful Message.

    Yes, lots will be going on and I think a list of meets would be really useful!! Glad you are exploring.

  5. forgot to say how exciting the Cont. Ed. program looks for this year! i'm just putting it on U86Cal (short for Unit 86 Calendar; coming soon) and salivating. hope you can video or audio tape all of them, so we can put it on the blog for those who can't come and enjoy them in person...

    btw. - did you ever get that digital recorder for Cont. Ed? i think that gizmo practically jumps on the internets by itself (oh, well, if you know where to stick it, that is)...