Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quake moved Japan coast 8 feet, shifted Earth's axis

by aleks

3/15 • Relief efforts  (click on the names to get the info):
1.) Verizon: Free Calls to Japan From March 11 to April 10  
2.) City of Seattle page with info on how to help with relief efforts
3.) Japanese Community launched to support earthquake/tsunami relief
4.)  This is via our guide Naoko:  Art Sale to Benefit Relief Efforts in Japan at KOBO at Higo 
Saturday, March 26, 12-8 pm
Sunday, March 27, 12-5pm 
A number of artists with connections to Japan will be donating work to be exchanged for donations that will go directly to relief efforts helping those affected by the Japan earthquake and tsunami.  100% of the proceeds will go to several relief organizations.
5.) Uwajimaya is accepting donations in all stores for Peace Winds America to support relief effort in Japan - Uwajimaya will MATCH contributions up to $5000.  Peace Winds America's mission is reducing the high human, economical and political cost of natural disasters in the Asia Pacific.

I read those astounding facts, look at the pictures and videos, listen to nuclear experts but can hardly comprehend because of sadness in seeing this terrible harm done to such a beautiful place on our planet: earthquake, then tsunami, now nuclear worries.

Take care, Japan and all beings that call you home.

Found this on the blog of Dr. Gabi Greve, she is in Okayama Prefecture, Japan (clicking on Gabi's name will take you to her  blog):


. BIG . earthquake


earthquake night -
the stars are as silent
as ever

I just stepped out to say good night to the world ...

Shocks & after-shocks...

Below the image Nat S. referred to in her comment below this post - Otsuchi Village, Iwate Prefecture:

Out of the many, many images I've seen of this enornous disaster, this one reminded me that higher consciousness, essential nature, or, one might call it pure potentiality, can never be  destroyed.  Nat S.


  1. Poignant photograph of Otsuchi Village, Iwate Prefecture, northern Japan: mountain range in the distance, rubble all over the flat landscape, and there, to the right, abiding in quiet strength, a wood torii with a tree beside it.

  2. i think i saw that picture, will try to find it and add it to the post...

  3. Thank you very much Aleks, for posting Kobo relief effort event site.
    More and more artists, even whom we have no connections with are contacting us, offering some help. So even we don't know what the event would be like yet on next weekend. Type of Art piece and price range are various. I hope many people would show up to the event and that we could help a little for the people in Japan who suffered from this horrific disaster. Thanks again!!

  4. Hi, Naoko,

    great to hear about such a heart-warming response from artists to KOBO relief efforts - thanks for writing about it! i think that on the end it'll be the artists, and not militaries, who will save our world:) don't you think?

    i copied 'relief efforts' links and made them them into separate '2011 Sendai Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief effort' item pinned on the left top of the blog (under 'garden events)-blog moves up with the info, we don't want the relief info to be lost.

    all the best, Naoko! artists unite!