Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seen in the Garden Today: Primula japonica

by rpacht & aleks
Primula japonica • Japanese primrose • sakura-so

rpacht took some pics on his public tour yesterday:)....  He has problems with posting them himself, so it's a communal post....

SJG 5/4/11 • Primula japonica patch • Photo by rpacht

SJG 5/4/11 • This guy posed for us much to the delight of the children
on my public tour yesterday.  Photo & caption by rpacht

SJG • 5/5/11 • Primula close-up by aleks
Japanese Primrose is a charming herbaceous perennial with its bright flowers in shades of pink and held atop wrinkled, wavy cabbage green leaves. This makes an ideal plant for the wet shaded spots in a garden. 
This is an herbaceous perennial which grows to 18”-24”. Leaves are oblong-ovate and have toothed margins. The plants grow in a rosette mound. 
More at the WSU page...

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