Friday, September 23, 2011

Pics from Respect for Elders Day

by aleks
It was a beautiful, sunny and warm day - not as many people as it happens sometimes, with seniors arriving by busloads,  but enough.   It's one of my favorite events in the Garden, as the pace of the tour that day is usually a bit slower and relaxed, as it should be in this beautiful place, and also because many visitors are usually local and not tourists, so there is a feeling of truly sharing the place that we all visited  frequently before...

As you can see below, the leaves are beginning to turn, they will be quite ready for Maple Viewing Day on October 16th.

SJG • 9/18/11 - Midori teaching Japanese woodblock printing
SJG - 9/18/11
SJG • 9/18/11
SJG • 9/18/11
I have not posted to bloom blog the few flowers that I caught  blooming July and August yet (something to do on the long rainy nights soon), and here we are in September... Rose of Sharon is blooming right now...

SJG • 9/11/18 Rose of Sharon blooming by the East fence

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