Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Of late, the Jackson School of International Affairs makes it particularly easy to identify its many offerings open to the public and usually free.   They include those sponsored by the flourishing Japanese Studies Program.

The school’s  calendar  for the academic year, updated weekly, lists  visiting speakers, special  lectures and events presented by  centers  and  programs  that focus on the history and culture of more than 14 (count ‘em) countries/areas:  

The sponsors are the academic programs, National Resource Centers and other centers, such as the Center for Human Rights, the East Asia Center and Korean Studies.

Just a quick scan of the calendar, in itself, is a survey course of a kind. 

In addition,   an  unknown  coordinator at the school  will helpfully  deposit  weekly  updates  in  email in-boxes.  To sign up for this convenience, send a message to:

In the current issue, Japanese Studies is sponsoring two upcoming speakers I noted on my own calendar.  The first is   a  rare  opportunity  that speaks for itself, and the second is…well, so unusual  that this sports minded (not) blogger marks it “intriguing.”

Living with Hiroshima:  My Memories of 66 Years  -   Koko Tanimoto Kondo.
One of the remaining survivors of the Hiroshima atomic bombing,  Ms.  Kondo  has  spent  many years working for peace.   She  brings  her perspective on the effects of the bombing that reverberate through her life and the lives of others.  Tuesday, February 7, 3:34 pm to 5 pm, Room 120, Communications Building, UW Campus.

Will Soccer be Japan’s 21st Century Sport?  - William W. Kelly, Professor of Anthropology and Sumitomo Professor of Japanese Studies at Yale University.
Japan’s recent embrace of the global game of soccer is reshaping the world of sports in Japan.  It has ramifications  for Japan’s place in  East Asia and the world.  Dr. Kelly’s research has focused on sport and body culture in Japan, including field research on the history and present patterns of professional baseball in the Kansai region.  Thursday, April 12, 7 pm,  Room  225, Kane Hall,  UW campus.


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