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March 4: “Introduction to Haiku” workshop at the SJG

by aleks
SJG •  2/18/2012 - White & red petals on 'Camellia  Japonica daikagura'

There will be “Introduction to Haiku” workshop given by Haiku Society of America vice president Michael Dylan Welch at the Seattle Japanese Garden on Sunday, March 4th 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (bring a sack lunch).  The class will explore the myths and realities of haiku poetry, including techniques such as kigo (season words), kireji (cutting words), shasei (objectivity), and more, plus informal sharing and discussion after 2:00 p.m. $45.00, includes garden admission.

To register, please phone Cheryl at 206-386-9106, or visit and register for class number 80404 (type the class number into a window marked 'Search for programs by barcode' at the top of the page and click magnifying glass icon to search -  this will bring you to appropriate 'Exploring Haiku - 80404' window, where you can register).

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I subscribe to 'Daily Issa' by David Lanoue (click on 'Issa-a-Day Sign up' half-way down the page) and this is the latest offering, to put you in a mood for the class:

SJG • 2/18/2012
Lichens on cherry tree

the cherry tree 
that made blossom clouds 
becomes charcoal

kumo to mishi sakura wa sumi ni yakare keri


by Issa, 1813

Charcoal is being made in a kiln. In this case, the wood is of a cherry tree. As Shinji Ogawa points out, this tree once made "clouds of blossoms." Issa and his fellow poets celebrate such clouds of blossoms often in their haiku. However, now a tree that once produced such beauty is being burned to charcoal. Cherry blossoms falling to the earth constitute a standard image of mujo^, Buddhist transience. But in this haiku Issa takes it a step further: the tree itself becomes an image of transience. However, there's a twist: now it will become a useful commodity, especially during the cold winters of Issa's home province. In a sense, it's "rebirth" as charcoal can be veiwed as a karmic improvement!

SJG • 2/18/2012 - Rain-patterns on the pond

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