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Other Gardens: Honolulu airport Japanese and Chinese Gardens

by aleks
3/3/2012 • Japanese Garden at Honolulu airport

Back home in Seattle now. Rain and 10 C, or 40-something F.  Crocuses started to bloom while I was away and so did mini-jonquils.  Our ornamental plum tree also started to bloom in wonderful pale pink, as did cherries in wild-pink blossoms and apple in white on our street.

3/3/2012 • Japanese Garden at Honolulu airport - those palms look a bit out of place?:) no?

I was really looking forward to seeing the Honolulu Airport gardens and posting the pics, but almost skipped writing this post, because I really don't want to advertise any airports at this time - I'm still disturbed by witnessing an elderly, frail Asian lady who was in line in front of me for the security checkpoint at Honolulu. She was small and stooped, probably around 70, her gait unsteady, and she seemed to be traveling alone. She had trouble balancing herself while walking and even more with her feet wide apart as instructed; finally, while in the scan machine, she was unable to hold her hands above her head for the required amount of seconds.  The TSA agent kept repeating instructions over and over and her arms kept falling down over and over. So she was scanned four or five times (sic!) while the screens above the checkpoint were flashing messages for  two individuals with Japanese names to hurry up for the imminent departure flight to Tokyo. Like anybody could advance in this slow circus. NOT.

3/3/2012 • Japanese Garden at Honolulu airport 

The elderly lady apparently failed to produce a still enough image because now she was given a full pat down. Then a swab for explosives of her both hands.  Then she was finally let through. She took all of that in silence and didn't look anywhere but at the agent.

I was watching this scene and when an uniformed pilot with four stripes on his jacket sleeve (a captain?) cut in front of me trying to get through, I really didn't mind, just stood there frozen.  The pilot wasn't allowed to go through and while he was calmly questioning 'What is the logic of this? There are people waiting for me'  he was simply told to call his office.  

I know, it's a strange story to post at Japanese Garden blog.   But it's here for the unknown lady: I truly hope you made it wherever you were going, with no further impediments. I'm sorry I didn't help you and  just stood there,  unable to respond. I should have helped you - i wish I could and did, but I was instructed to place my feet on yellow indicators and wait...  And I hope the plane got his pilot, too. By the time I was 'processed' (with no trouble, a lucky number after those two, in an excruciatingly slowly moving lane), I lost interest in gardens and was busy calming a nervous twitch in my eye...

3/3/2012 • Japanese Garden at Honolulu airport 
Fortunately, I made some pics of the gardens on the way to Maui a week earlier, and posting them now for all that is worth: there are many gardens there, at the Honolulu International Airport, between the terminals;  all  open air and lovely: a place a weary traveller can sit and contemplate nature.

I meant to research those Honolulu airport gardens, but you can read it all by yourself here +pics, way  better than mine:

The cultural gardens display the influence of the Hawaiian, Chinese and Japanese heritage upon “island living” in the State of Hawaii. Pathways, bridges and stepping stones connect the three gardens. Waterways flow among these garden ponds and lakes to symbolize the intermingling of the cultures in Hawaii. Sculptures from various artists may also be found in the gardens.

3/3/2012 • Chinese Garden at Honolulu airport 
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Oh, and a special message to rpacht: HI, Robert - I brought home for you a copy of in-flight magazine 'Hana Hou!', featuring an article about successful returning of nene birds to Hawaii 50 years ago, up there in Haleakala crater - I thought it would professionally an  personally interest you. Just now checked that it's posted on the internet, for everyone to enjoy, great!... But you still can get a paper copy if you want:).

Hawaiian nene bird - descendent of Canada goose - a pic stolen from the internet

I know - if there is a post not matching the pics, this is it.  Oh, well.

3/19/12 • I should have add this earlier, to further detract from the post text:

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