Tuesday, April 3, 2012

UW sakura 2012 on sunny day

by aleks [Click on pics to see them larger]
4/1/12 - UW yoshinos

Well, Seattle had 2 day break from the rain, one of them fell on Sunday - that brought lots of people to UW yoshino grove.  I couldn't stay away either, because the sun was NOT on schedule - the weather forecast announced rain for both days, so what could be better than snapping pics of the mother nature doing its own thing and not cooperating with humans, especially on such a delightful topic as cherry blossom.

4/1/12 - UW yoshinos

In one of the articles I read on the topic there was a mention of the cherry blossom festival  somewhere  (no, not in Seattle, but some major city on the east coast) cancelled one year due to rain, that must have sucked big time.  The cherry trees are beautiful wet or dry, but people are happier to see them under the blue sky. Geez, I didn't mean that cheep rhyme,  my brain must be punishing me for not joining the kids playing hopscotch under the cherry trees...

4/1/12 - UW yoshinos

Sharing the pics, since it's raining again + some Issa from David Lanoue...

birds and people 
creeping through... 
cherry blossoms

tori to tomo ni ningen kuguru sakura kana


by Issa, 1796

4/1/12 - UW yoshinos

kono yôna masse wo sakura darake kana

this corrupt world
with cherry blossoms

by Issa,  1814

4/1/12 - UW yoshinos

yoshino yama kawari sakura mo nakari keri

Yoshino Hill--
not a single cherry blossom
with a flaw

Yoshino is a famous place for viewing the cherry blossoms. Issa is saying that not a single blossom is "eccentric" or "different" (kawari). The scene is one of breathtaking perfection. 
by Issa,  1815

• P.S. Ah, for a great pic of a bird in a cherry tree in Tokyo go to Guardian 24 hours in pictures - Photograph: Yoshikazu Tsuno:


  1. Mahalo, Aleks, for the hanami coverage...zippy commentary, grand poetry & glorious fotographic images.
    (Btw, the 28.Mar.2012 North American Post reported that the famous cherry trees in Washington, D.C.---which have grown along the Potomac River for 100 years now---bloomed about 3 weeks ahead of schedule due to warm weather. And the wind & subfreezing temps that followed apparently hastened petal fall.)

  2. mahalo, Wobbly-Sabi. almost glad it's pau hana for yoshino hanami, or i'd start hula in the grove - so pretty there! poor cherry trees in washington, D.C. :(... BTW, i found on-line edition of North American Post, will add it to links page.

    1. On UW campus today for a talk at Thomson Hall. Had a chance to be in the Quad and view the billowing cherry blossoms under fair skies. Yoshino not yet pau there--still mesmerizing everyone within range! A hanami hula is a delightful idea! (Also, some other cherry trees on campus are in bud and coming into fullness.)

    2. i know, Wobbly-Sabi - kwanzan cherries on the alley between the red square and fountain are next to bloom. i will try to limit myself to maybe one pic of those, so we don't have to change the name of our blog to 'sakura CB', as we are kamaaina in JG, and not UW campus:)... Keiko is right: i'm just temporarily mesmerized by this cherry halau. so yes, let's hanami hula!

  3. Thank you Wobbly-Sabi. "Mesmerizing" is truly the word for it.