Saturday, July 7, 2012

Closures of Lake WA Blvd in July and August

by aleks, per Thomas and Myrna:

SJG • 6/20/12 -  a child in a hat looks at the rhodies...

hello, SJG volunteers, visitors and guests...

per Myrna:

Arboretum and Lake Washington Boulevard users should anticipate several all-day closures of Lake Washington Boulevard this summer from Foster Island Road on the north end to Arboretum Drive on south end of the park. Access to the Seattle Japanese Garden parking lot will be available from the south end of Lake Washington Boulevard during these closures

Lake Washington Boulevard will be closed to traffic:
·        Sunday, July 15 - Monday, July 16, 2012
·        Saturday, August 11 - Sunday August 12, 2012

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per Thomas:

Dear Team:

I just received an update from WSDOT that they cannot close the Blvd. on Saturday July 14th.  The new schedule is as follows:

Sunday  July 15 –
Grind and pave from Interlaken to Boyer

Monday, July 16 –
Phase II of SCL pole placement from Interlaken to Foster Island
Install and bag signs for 2 crosswalks and speed cushions

Saturday, August 11 –
Raised crosswalk (note construction will need to start at 7:00 PM Friday – remove pavement and pour flat portion of x-walk)
Speed cushion
Phase I and III of SCL pole placement, this would require flaggers and change in traffic control plan
Possible spot paving by Madison, this would require flaggers and change in traffic control plan

Sunday,  August 12 –
Install street markings including, center striping of new pavement, sharrows, speed cushion markings, and 2 crosswalks
Steve Hoyos will coordinate with Steve Erickson; only concern is cure time needed for the raised crosswalk

September 8th and 9th -
This is a catch up weekend if the work does not all get done the other two weekends.

Please let me know what parks and U.W. crews are planning on working on each of the closure dates and I will add them into the descriptions.

SJG • 6/20/2012 - Japanese irises are out, too..


  1. Hello SJG bloggers,
    thank you for posting this information, it's helpful for those of us visitors planning a return trip.
    I apologize that this is off topic, but I just wanted to say that some friends and I attended the tanabata festival yesterday, and we really enjoyed ourselves! Thank you for putting on the event, and thank you for having this blog! I love reading your blog about the garden, because I don't get to visit very often. I wanted to share some of our photos we took: (facebook link, I hope it works.) I also wrote a little bit about our visit on my blog, though there are a little less photos:
    Again, thanks for the event, and for providing such a beautiful oasis in this city!

  2. Amanda! Thanks for your post and pictures! You have made a wonderful photo essay of the Tanabata festival. And I love the additional pictures on your delightful blog. So glad you enjoyed yourself. Your kimonos added even more color to the celebration.

    Please come again, soon! A garden guide.

  3. Amanda - you are welcome - that was the very reason for this post:).

    as to the rest of your comment, i hope you don't mind i'll turn it into a separate post, so the links to FB and your blog appear active (the comment section of the blogger doesn't allow it). unfortunately i missed Tanabata, so it will be great to have something on the record about it from you! i'll even attempt to steal some of your pics for the post.

  4. Aleks, please do! I talked to other people who were visiting the garden yesterday, they also loved the festive decorations and seeing people dressed up!

  5. done - see above. thank you very much for sharing, Amanda and friends! i was touched to read that your tanzaku strip was wishing for your son to grow healthy and happy - a wonderful and wise wish...