Saturday, September 22, 2012

Madame Secretary takes her camera to Japanese Garden

by aleks
Jeanne P.,  Unit 86 Secretary went to the Garden equipped with her camera 2 days ago; and just as well... She met 'Dirty Harry, the heron'  while poking around:

SJG • 9/20/12 - Heron meets a person. Photo by Jeanne P.

I asked if it's ok to post this great pic of her. Here is Jeanne's reply:

Of course you can post it. I wish it were better. I just thought it was charming that this young man seemed to be communicating with the heron he was photographing, and the heron was so calm. I have another one you might like. Same heron with a family and a bunch of koi.

This is the other photo Madame Secretary  took - same heron with a family and a bunch of koi:

SJG • 9/20/12 - Heron meets a family... Photo by Jeanne P.

• • • •
P.S. If you saw a ghost-post about upcoming photo exhibition and workshop with Ray Pfortner  that disappeared before your very own (lying) eyes...  Well, you are NOT feeble-minded or  crazy. At all!  It was there, but I  had to take the post down, because I had trouble with placing the text and the photos, especially. It will re-appear as soon as i can fix it with Ray's help.  The photo-exhibition from a spring workshop is October 7th, Sunday, 2-5 pm. More info coming. So stay tuned, please.

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