Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Daily tours June through September!

by aleks

Every time I'm in Portland, OR or Vancouver, B.C. I take guided tours of their Chinese and Japanese Gardens. I take it, because they are available, almost hour on the hour, and I always learn something new, and always think that I wish our Garden was that well staffed - with an exception of the 50th anniversary of the Garden last year we usually only offer weekend and wednesday tours, alas.

SJG • 5/20/13

So the most recent email from Mary (our tour coordinator), accompanying June public tour schedule,  put a smile on my face:

Good afternoon, Garden guides. 

June through September your Public Tours are available to lucky visitors
on a daily basis!   Those months bring us the most visitors from far away
places and the same four months attract very few Private Tour requests. 
Summer offers many opportunities for you to spread the Japanese
Garden message throughout our small world. 

Beginning June 1st, Public Tours are scheduled at 12:30 pm every day! 
On Saturdays and Sundays, there will still be the added tour at 2:30 pm. [...]

There are 40 Public Tour assignments on the June schedule. 
With 43 veteran guides self designated as active and available, and the
addition of 15 newly trained guides, staffing this schedule should be easy
as a summer breeze!  Thanks very much to each of you for your close
attention to Garden needs during this busy part of the season.   Mary

• • • • • 
SJG • 5/20/13

 See you in the Garden!

晴耕雨読 (seiko udoku) 
Literally: clear sky, cultivate, rainy, reading 
Meaning: Farm when it's sunny, read when it rains.

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