Saturday, July 6, 2013


We need to do something for Mary and I don't mean signing a card and having tea and cookies.  We need to give our beloved den mother a proper send off.  Any ideas?


  1. Are you thinking of something which would involve a fair amount of sake?

  2. That would be appropriate I believe :)

    1. Well, then I think I'd show up.

  3. hello, Robert and Shorty and other unit 86 people who happen to read it. yes, we want to do something for our beloved den mother, the problem is Mary reads the blog (hi, Mary) and this is a SECRET project:). so let's take the discussion off here, mok? there is a group of people who took up your idea, Robert, and they are working on it. you will hear from Joan L. more... i think this may be nsa's favorite post - learned nothing, ha, ha.

  4. Well, Robert, your work here is done. And plans have apparently gone secret, that is, out of blog 'sight'. Hi Mary, hope you had some fun with intended. Not to say that my suggestion of sake was necessarily meant in jest.

  5. Well Shorty if we don't get invited to the secret NSA party we could always stage our own!

  6. we are all going to get invited!:) or so i hope.. the secret meeting was today, but i couldn't attend, as i was elsewhere... it's all upon us, the little people now. i'll share whatever gossip i have. nothing coming so far, maybe tomorrow. and yes, let's not forget sake! SAKE! so good for the occasion! i hear Mary was spotted with a big grin - she does like the idea of retiring from this all. i give up guessing what is next.

    i love Mary, and all of you.may your life be good.