Sunday, March 2, 2014

The SJG has opened for 2014

by aleks
It was wet (PNW way - drizzling, not really pouring) and rather cold -  for those who forgot to wear sweaters on March 1st in Seattle.  But the ceremony was not disappointing, it was as  uplifting as ever.  Plus,  docent Nat S. tells me that 'when it rains at a Shinto ceremony, it's auspicious.. Water and its cleansing virtues (from surface wash to "solution to pollution is dilution") are tops in Shinto belief system.'

A few pics below:  they were all taken on my camera, but some captured by Marie Zahradnik from SJGAC, by now I can't tell who took which pics. But just enjoy!  The Unit 86 calendar of events coming soon.

SJG • 3/1/14 - Rev. Koichi Barrish of  Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America
preparing for the  blessing ceremony.

SJG • 3/1/14 - First sake, then rice goes as offering…

SJG • 3/1/14 - sharing a smile
SJG • 3/1/14 - the Shinto altar

SJG • 3/1/14 - it's Seattle, after all:)


  1. I tried but it was too cold for me, I got to see some of it anyway, it's best if I leave before he starts pouring sake around anyway, that always makes me shudder :)

  2. I saw you, Robert! Parading in front of the ceremony! I was so happy to see you! But then you just dissapeared. Aha, pouring sake and rice makes me shudder, too...