Saturday, June 7, 2014

Poster Project Showcases Garden

by Cara I.
Visitors to the garden this season have noticed two new posters in the gatehouse area, the result of collaboration between Unit 86 member Pam Generaux and Roosevelt High School photography teacher Cecelia Otto.

One poster developed
by Roosevelt High School students
Three Roosevelt High School advanced photography students developed the posters as an independent study project for which they visited the garden several times to photograph their impressions of it. Their stunning photography and the design of the posters have elicited many responses – passersby decide to tour the garden, garden members recall their own impressions, older visitors enjoy seeing it through the youthful photographers' eyes, etc.

The students, who had not visited the garden before, were struck by how beautiful and peaceful it is. They loved capturing images of its flowers, koi, and lanterns - it is a place they wish to visit again.

Teacher Cecelia Otto said the project was a wonderful real life opportunity for the students to collaborate with a “client”- the
Japanese Garden - and produce posters that reflected the space. The students had never done a project for use like this, and in the fall, Otto would like to have more students take photos of the garden to show another season in the garden.

The posters are located in the display case on the left as visitors approach the gatehouse and also directly across the ticket office.

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