Monday, July 28, 2014

Our granddaughters, again

by Aleks
it was 2 years ago that Lynnda and I took our granddaughters - then 2 y.o. (minus 2 days) Sophie  and 7 y.o. (minus 4 weeks)  Ellie  to Seattle Japanese Garden. We did it again, when Ellie visited from Maine this July: the girls are now respectively: almost 4 and almost 9 y.o.  This time Sophie's new brother Nick and their mother also came with us.

SJG • 7/23/14 - by the Kobe lantern

Ellie remembered Sophie well and wondered if she grew up much, was curious about her baby brother and eager to repeat the Japanese Garden adventure. Sophie claimed not remembering Ellie ('I was 2 years old!'), but as soon as the girls got together the aura of familiarity enveloped them:  familiar circumstances, familiar grounds and probably familiar feelings.  They walked together, held hands and looked like old friends in no time: it was almost as if the time stood still for their meeting in our beautiful Japanese Garden.

SJG • 7/23/14  - checking the fuzzy under-leaves of r. yakushimanum

Ellie still keeps haiku travel journal and this is what she wrote in it on the end of the day:

SJG • 7/23/14 - chasing crows in the orchard

Sofie chased crows,
wet socks  -
Japanese Garden

SJG • 7/23/14 - 'lots of plants, really pretty'

Japanese Garden,
lots of plants –
really pretty

SJG • 7/23/14 - obligatory parting pic on the WPA bridge: till we meet again

•  •  •  •  •
 I have really neglected this blog and the JG bloom-blog this summer, spending time away from the internet and in the wonderfully sunny weather we are having in Seattle, but I really wanted to post a few pics from very interesting cont. ed class we had in June on Contemporary Way of Tea with Mrs. Naomi Takemura; I will do so in a few days.

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