Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Moonviewing Haiku Contest Winners

Judged by:
Tanya McDonald, Michelle Schaefer, and Michael Dylan Welch of Haiku Northwest

SJG • 9/6/14

First Place:

67 years of watching
the moon move past my window
but loneliness remains

- Rodney Smith

Second Place:

black branches
and a young bat—
the moon's warm-up act

- Ellen Sieh

Third Place:

all ready for you:
people, music, koi and birds—
hurry up, moon!

- Aleksandra Monk

Honourable Mentions  (in no particular order):

SJG • 9/6/14
yes, it rains tonight,
and dark clouds cover the sky
yes, the moon is there

- Steve Lorton

floating on the pressure
of night, the moon escapes
the trees' folded arms

                                                                           - Jeff Collun

15th day—
the pond's koi
eating the moon

- Mikiko Amagai

forest shadows
fill the ancient pond
still . . .
no(h) moon

- John Tillotsom

SJG • 9/6/14
we anticipate the moon's shimmer
candle light brightens
the festive moon appears

- Lisa A. Miller

new moon
goldfish reflecting
on the pond

         - Glenn Sassaman

lantern fire
breathing on golden dragon leaves
moonlit koi ripple a sudden greeting

- Hamai

flute wafting over water
     time and space
moon floats through cedar

- Jill Goodnight

SJG • 9/6/14
moon above
pond below . . .
night oddly normal

- Aleksandra Monk

beautiful beggars
the koi seeking kibble miss
the moon's reflection

                                                                            - Halim Dusky


  1. Every single one of those poetry is beautiful. It takes a special appreciation to see the beauty behind such short simplicity of haiku. Thanks for sharing the works of the respective winners! Kudos to all of them!

    Lucius Campbell @ Skild