Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sooooo Seattle

by aleks
I usually have my camera with me when in the Garden, mostly to take pics of the plants for our plant list, and sometimes to record the events that take place in our Garden for this blog...  But I rarely take pictures for the sake of taking pictures, the way people who feel passionate about photography do, trying to capture a certain mood, or light,  or color,  or scene.  My camera usage is strictly pragmatical and since I'm yet to take a single photography lesson I resist the urges of trying anything else.

SJG • 10/23/13 Sooo Seattle

But last fall, when I went to capture some close-ups of maple leaves,  my eye fell on the WPA stone bridge and I saw a little girl about to cross it, amidst flame colored maples.  It was just such a beautiful sight,  'this is sooo Seattle' type of sight, that I couldn't help but click.   I kept looking at it on my computer, because it always made me smile.

This fall when Rumi, our events coordinator, was placing info about the upcoming Maple Fest at the Seattle Child Magazine, she was searching for some applicable photo to go with it,  and asked if I had something which might do: fall/kids/activities.  It wasn't easy because kids rarely wander into the range at which I take photos of the trees or flowers in bloom,  but I did find 5 maybe/possible/ pics and Rumi sent them along with her Maple Fest write-up,  for the mag's editor choosing.  Apparently 'soo Seattle' feeling was not mine alone, because the pic of a girl crossing the bridge was chosen to accompany the mentions about SJG activities for the October issue of SCM.

Yeah, I'm boasting, but it made me genuinely happy to share this pic with the people of the city I love, and an excuse to post it,  too.

Here is an on-line version of the Seattle Child where the pic went with a story about 7 Great Spots for Fall Colors and Kid Photos:

And here is the paper version, where it went to Calendar Section, with Rumi's write-up about Maple fest:'sChildOctober2014/#?page=34

SJG • 10/29/12 - one of the NOT-chosen pics:  I was trying to get a pic of samidare maple,
but those two just seemed to have set down their roots there,  like forever.
I remember thinking: 'if they at least had a sense of dressing in green to blend-in!'
Now you know what I mean by 'pragmatical' pics.

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