Tuesday, April 7, 2015

SPRING, pretty Spring...

The Fourth Month
aratōto aoba wakaba no hi no hikari

how brilliant—
leaves both green and young
in the sun’s light

From: Twelve haiku translations from Bonsai, PIE Books, Tokyo, 2011, 
translated by Emiko Miyashita and Michael Dylan Welch

SJG • 4/7/15 - our Lace-leaf maples are leafing out...  (here in C, also in B)

by aleks
I took a stroll around the Garden today: very pretty spring, although a bit confused Mother Nature is putting out some blooms early and ahead of time, after unusually warm winter in Seattle... And some May rhodies are already out, too, gasp!

SJG • 4/7/15 - our exquisite royal azalea, aka
Botanical Name: Rhod. 'Schlippenbachii' (pink) in many areas... 

Stopped to talk to our gardener, Miriam, and she mentioned that crows are demolishing our moss, as they find their food underneath, too:  larvae and grubs.  Much too early in the year....

Other than that our Japanese Garden is so, so very pretty now!  I'm including a few pics for all of you to enjoy...

SJG •  Canada geese enjoying the view on moon viewing  platform...

After getting entangled in the Plant Committee activities and the lives of plants for the last several years, I'm trying to get back and learn more about Japanese Garden CULTURAL roots.  Found a book, titled 'The Art of Japanese Garden', by David and Michiko Young...

Very, very helpful: it  covers the basic history, principles and aesthetics of Japanese Gardens.  You can check the readers' reviews on amazon (sorry for linking  to them, but at least you hear from the real readers, and then please buy from a local bookstore).

SJG • 4/7/15 - crabapples blossoms in the Orchard (Area U)

Edit: Maggie C. noted  that the garden looks appropriately splendid 
for Buddha's birthday today, April 8th!

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