Monday, August 31, 2015

お月見 • O-tsukimi • Moon Viewing Festival 2015

by aleks
SJG • 8/29/15 - O-tsukimi:  the lanterns at the front gate. Photo by Nat S.

O-tsukimi (literally moon-viewing)  dates back to 8th century Japan and refers to festivals honoring and admiring the autumn moon;  in more modern times it also incorporates elements of harvest celebration.

SJG • 8/29/15 - O-tsukimi:  the paper lantern.... Photo by Nat S.
2015 has been one of the worst Washington state's years for wildfires - 1200 square miles burned so far,  3 firefighters killed, and the soil parched, even the rainforest (the WET forest) on fire...  So, understandably, we were all wishing for rain. Which finally came, right with the expected super-moon on 9/29.

SJG • 8/29/15 - O-tsukimi:  after the night fell... Photo by Peggy Garber

SJG's  2015 O-tsukimi somehow squeezed itself between the raindrops:  it was short, sweet and to the point - wonderful music, bento boxes, luminaries and boats all happened, albeit NO moon present.. The Seattle Astronomical Society people were there, but didn't open their instruments in this wet weather - they answered all questions, though.  The haiku contest winners at the celebration's closure were read faster and faster, while the rain poured more and more furiously;  until the winner of the first place was announced with this:  'That's IT. Enjoy the rest of the rain in your home'...

SJG • 8/29/15 - O-tsukimi:  after the night fell... Photo by Peggy Garber

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2015 Moonviewing Haiku Contest Winners

SJG • 8/9/15 - O-tsukimi: Gary Stroutsos on flute

Judged on a rainy night by Tanya McDonald & Michael Dylan Welch
Haiku Northwest, August 29, 2015, at the Seattle Japanese Garden

First Place:

the moon shines on high
but nobody can see it:
we had prayed for rain

                  —Maurice Varon

Second Place:

out in the garden
I am enjoying a moon
soon to be revealed

                  —Micah McCally

Third Place:

       the koi missed not
the light of moon nor sun’s warmth
       from its wet cold pond

                  —Kristen Beifus

SJG • 8/29/15 O-tsukimi:
Marsha and Kuniko Takamura on koto

Honorable Metions (in no particular order):

moon, rain, and music
make me reprioritize—
taping the Seahawks

                  —Dan Hamann

sweet music of evening
love song of the night garden
moon in my belly

                  —Mauri Dressman (baby due September 8)

SJG • 8/29/15 O-tsukimi: James Jennings on shakuhachi

the moon is shining
on the water the fish sings
and the turtle swims

                  —Yuuki, age 7

beautiful music
fills the void that is the moon
below the rainy skies

                  —Dan Yeo

August 29th
forecast rain
knowing moon
through mist

                  —Ellen McCown

storm scent fills garden
koto notes weave through the air
will full moon split clouds?

                  —Nancy Penrose

gradually the clouds,
just like time, pass on—
waiting for moon

                  —Aleks Monk

loneliness arises
the moon is banished tonight
by thoughts of home

                  —Rodney Smith

SJG • 8/29/15 - O-tsukimi: Gretchen Yanover on cello

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  1. This place is stunning. The architecture is beautiful and the decoration is spectacular. Environment was transparent and resonant and warm and immediate. I loved Los Angeles venues and my experience here was very exciting.