Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This May: Invitation to the most memorable tour to Kyoto and Kansai, Japan

We are currently finalizing a group tour (Max. ten)  to Kansai Region of Japan. This tour will concentrate on gardens, architecture and townscape of  Kyoto, Nara and Takayama of Japan starting on May 13 for 12 days.

Special feature of this tour is to follow a number of gardens illustrated by Yuri Ugaya in her just published book, “ Splendid Gardens in Kyoto”. She once studied with me when I was a visiting professor at Awaji Landscape and Horticulture Academy of  Hyogo University.

Koichi Kobayashi

小林 竑一 

Visiting Research Fellow
Hyogo University, Japan

Kobayashi Global, Seattle, WA. USA

The link below will take you to 5-page detailed schedule of the trip, features, pictures of potential places to visit, cost and contact: 

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