Sunday, February 19, 2017

Snow in the Seattle Chinese Garden

photos by Dewey Webster
About a week ago  beautiful snow fell on Seattle - the Asian gardens look especially interesting under snow...  We haven't have anybody to take the pics in the Japanese Garden, but Dewey took a stroll in our sister-garden: the Seattle Chinese Garden 西华园  (Dewey is a docent in both Japanese and Chinese Gardens),  and he shared these images - thank you, Dewey!

Seattle Chinese Garden - 2/2017 - Main entry gate from inside Knowing the Spring Courtyard

Seattle Chinese Garden - 2/2017: The Welcome Garden welcomes the first snow. 

Seattle Chinese Garden - 2/2017 - Even the fish loves a snow day

Seattle Chinese Garden - 2/2017:
Snow falling on the peaks of the Stone Mountain in Knowing the Spring Court

For more of Dewey's pictures of snow in the Seattle Chinese Garden go to SeattleChineseGardenblog page.

Dewey is in California now, and this an image that he sent along the snowy pics above - YES, the cherry blossoms!  Coming up north, to Seattle soon!

2/19/17 - cherry blossoms in California - photo by Dewey Webster

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