Wednesday, July 31, 2019

A private perspective about a potential future of the Seattle Japanese Garden

By Koichi Kobayashi

The following is a private perspective about a potential future of Japanese Garden, master designed by Juki Iida at the UW Arboretum in the Washington Park, Seattle.

Many Japanese Gardens abroad have been going through considerable change through renovation, expansion and new construction lately. A large number of them have been designed to accommodate ever expansion of art, cultural and other activities mainly associated with gardens.

My proposal as exhibited here for our garden is based on the following assumptions:

1. There is a continuing wish to complete the original master plan with  siting a new  lake view pavilion on the north shoreline.

2. Floor space to accommodate further activities is needed. New set of buildings comparable to expanded section of Portland Japanese Garden could be sited on the east side of the existing parking area with modification.

3. Additional garden with a different style(s) is needed to accommodate expanding visitors. Area east of the cherry orchard could be developed for this.

The following sets of drawing address these assumptions and are exhibiting as my perspective and proposal. [Some of the drawings are included in this post; for the complete set of 27 drawings click here]

This presentation had been discussed with a number of members of Arboretum Foundation, Park Department, Seattle Japanese Garden Society over the last number of years as my and Tom Brooke's private proposal.

Nothing has come out of this and no official approval, just a private proposal.

 Koichi Kobayashi   
小林 竑一 

Honorary Professor
Eimei University, San Mateo, California
Adjunct Professor
Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Japan

Principal of Kobayashi Design
Landscape Architecture, Urban and Garden Design
Seattle, WA. USA


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