Monday, August 9, 2010

here will be the title of the post

SJG - Dry River Bed and Snow-Viewing Lantern
the date will post itself (look up), no work on the blogger part.

and here someone will blog summary of the saturday meeting. i'm not going to think now what form it could take, but frankly any form is fine: you can write a dry informative post, real summary that is; or you could write it as an opinion piece on the topic and use the lecture for your own musing.

or you could be scatter-brained and write whatever and on the end say: ooooops, spaced out, and on the topic of lecture: it was fine, we had cookies and 15 people attended.

i hope you realize i'm just trying to fill the space here, so don't read too much into any of the above, just so you can see how it looks like when it is 'posted' as a blog entry.

ciao. aloha. and till we meet again, on the white cliff off dover or however that song went (i have a Vera Lynn earwarm).

門前の小僧習わぬ経を読む。 (Mon zen no kozō narawanu kyō wo yomu) Literally: An apprentice near a temple will recite the scriptures untaught. 
Meaning: The environment makes our characters.


  1. Looking great, Aleks! Wonderful list of resources. Congratulations!!


  2. hi Joan, just noticed your comment:). thanks! it's a bit too color-jazzy for my liking, but i can only do so much about the templates....