Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn in the Garden

by aleks

I went to look at the leaves last Sunday, a beautiful and sunny day; had my camera with me and here are some raw impressions, not as good as the Garden itself and not even photo-edited, because I have to yet learn how to harness iPhoto on my computer.  Enjoy for what it's worth:

SJG 11/7/10 • Tea house, waiting area outside

SJG 11/7/10 • Majestic gincos and their reflections
SJG 7/11/10 • Lantern looking at the West Path
SJG 11/7/10 • Stone bridge area

SJG 11/7/10 • View from the north (from mountain foothills)
SJG 11/7/10 • ginco 'snow' on the East path


  1. What great pictures! They really capture the mood of autumn in the Garden. Thanks for sharing! Did you know there is a female Ginko tree in the International District? Naoko told me about it and I viewed it last week, during a heavy rain. Although there were no seeds on the ground, there were many, cherry size and pinkish-red, hanging high above. I was hoping to smell one, but some other time. The tree is in Hing Hay Park at 423 Maynard Ave S.

  2. thanks, Lynnda!

    yes, i heard some ginkos stink? the female ones? NO!