Saturday, November 6, 2010

Welcome New Bloggers!

by aleks
11/7/10; on Edit:  
Welcome, Maggie C - the third brave soul to sign up for blogging soon!

It's not just Monzie, Keiko and  me anymore here.  Our blogging workshop was quite successful: we mainly covered blogging basics and how to post a comment (if you need tutorial with pics email me, I'll send it to you), but already 8 brave souls requested a key to the blog...

Two of them actually used it:  if you scroll down on the right side to 'Contributors', you will see two names added:
- rd zane  (I will tell you this one time that it's Robert)
- Lynnda

Hopefully we will read your contributions soon.

石の上に三年 ishi no ue ni san nen
Literally: Three years on the rock.  Meaning: It takes a long time sitting on a stone before it becomes warm. Expect to work at something for three years before you see results.


    1. Whoo Hoo! Way to go new bloggers. Welcome. Await posts.

    2. Thanks Monzie and Alex! It was a great workshop. It looks as though I'm official. Posts to come later.

    3. yes, you are official now, Maggie. waiting for your post about silk flower exhibition! SOON!

    4. This is wonderful that more people are joining the blog. It's a great way to share ideas and stay connected especially through (what may become) the long winter. Also, it's a way for me to let everyone know about the BENEFIT PERFORMANCE I'm holding on December 9 at 8 pm. The piece is called THE MARYS PROJECT...every baby is Jesus. I will dance with 5 other women. "give the gift of giving" and enjoy an inspiring evening.