Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wander and wonder: July 30th butoh in SJG...

by aleks

Music and dance all through the Garden:

SJG 7/30/11 • Kaoru Okumura
SJG 7/30/11 • Lin Lucas
SJG 7/30/11 • Joan Laage

SJG 7/30/11 • Maureen "momo" Freehill

SJG 7/30/11 • Douglas Ridings

SJG 7/30/11 • Sheri Cohen
SJG 7/30/11 • Dean Moore (gong)
SJG 7/30/11 • Michael Shannon
SJG 7/30/11 • John Bisbee
SJG 7/30/11 • Joan Laage & her assistant
SJG 7/30/11 • Consuelo Gonzalez
SJG 7/30/11 - How they get HIM to perform?


  1. Very good photo essay of an extraordinary day in the garden. That heron is a real ham who turns up whenever there are a lot of cameras. As I passed by he had a bigger audience than the nearby performer...

  2. Fabulous pictures! Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it.

  3. oh, nice pix.... thank you for sharing !

  4. Splendid photo journal! The pics are crisp and they really show all the beauty that is the dance and music in the garden. It must have been very relaxing to witness the event. And this beautiful garden, it really deserves the art.

  5. the Garden's parking lot was full when we got there around 4:30; i stopped by the gate and chatted about visitors' comments: many people came specifically for butoh performance - 'enchanted', 'do it often', 'wonderful', 'beautiful'... i felt the same - every sunday in summer!

    i also run into Rachel - the Garden events coordinator - she also heard those comments and while happy about them, she was concerned that the delicate Garden may not survive such a high level of interest - at some point it was very, very crowded... ah, striking the right balance is always a problem in this life....