Thursday, August 4, 2011

Couldn't make it to the garden July 9 for Tanabata?

by Monzie

That's when we celebrated the 2,000-year-old Tanabata festival.  Here are pictures that capture some highlights.

For those not up on Japanese myths, Tanabata, or the Star Festival - observes the one night in the year when a stern king allowed two lovers to see each other after he had banished them to opposite sides of the Milky Way for neglecting their responsibilities.  Wishes and prayers are offered that the night sky will be clear so they can see each other.

Picture 1:  Two young calligraphers from Meito Shodo Kai await visitors as the festival begins:

SJG  7/7/2011 • photo by Monzie

Picture 2:   Mary Mariko Ohno, head of the Kabuki Academy, performs the willow dance:

SJG  7/7/2011 • photo by Monzie

Picture 3:  Students at the Minakami Karate  demonstrate their art for the first time at the garden:

SJG  7/7/2011 • photo by Monzie

Picture 4:   A small visitor checks to see if her  koi  kite still flies.  She had carefully colored her treasure at the display by the Drachen Foundation for kite education:

SJG  7/7/2011 • photo by Monzie
There is one more pic, with no description:
SJG  7/7/2011 • photo by Monzie

Ok, I posted Monzie's write-up and pics from the time I wasn't around - prolly many mistakes - so sorry; will post any needed corrections  tomorrow.

Monzie says each organization has a website:

Kabuki Academy

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