Monday, May 28, 2012

Introduction to Zen Buddhism

The Philosophy Department of Bellevue College hosts "Introduction to Zen Buddhism" in their  Philosophy Talks series. This informative presentation is free and open to public.

When: Thursday, May 31, 11:20-12:20
Where: BC’s Library Media Center, room D106
Presenter: Alanna Gram

Gram will offer a brief survey of Zen Buddhism from its historical origins to its philosophical principles. She’ll examine the historical influence of Zen, the significance of Zen koans and sitting meditation, ethical precepts and the notion of Enlightenment, anti-intellectualism in Zen, and the perplexing nature of Zen metaphysics. Listeners will learn and be able to identify Zen motifs and core tenets, as well as gain an understanding of key Zen principles and an appreciation for the complexity of Zen thought.

Gram is a past president of the BC Philosophy Club and one of their top philosophy students.  Gram is also the first BC student to offer a presentation in the Philosophy Department’s quarterly Philosophy Talks series.
For more information, please contact Mark Storey, BC philosophy instructor and series coordinator at or 425-564-2118.

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p.s. aleks chimes in: which campus it will be, Keiko? do you know? Main or North campus? (links to both included)

SJG • 5/28/12 - Today was the Children's day in SJG, including a fun-workshop
on zen-gardens.  More on this event coming soon;  pic by aleks


  1. great info, Keiko, thank you very much! hope you don't mind i added links to both BC campus maps and a pic of zen-gardens from today's CHILDREN'S DAY at SJG...

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  3. BC’s Library Media Center is ON their main
    campus. Thank you for asking!