Thursday, October 10, 2013

a few PSAs

by aleks

1.) Very sadly, our very loved and esteemed fellow guide, Mary Ann Wiley, is no longer with us. Her obituary is here....

SJG • 10/4/13 - Guides learning about maples from the Plant Committee;
here on the North Path, by the  Acer Palmatum 'shishigashira' or Lion's Mane Maple
(the last to turn its leaves in our season)

2.)  For everyone: Maple Fest is coming this Sunday, October 13; sixteen prominent maples will be labeled, and stay that way, till there are any leaves left on them this fall.  I'll be traveling to the east coast on the day of the Maple Fest and miss it, but perhaps some fellow bloggers would write and share about it here, please? I've been photographing  these maples for several years now, and will shortly include them in the bloom blog = photo album of SJG plants  (URL on the left side of this blog).

SJG • 10/4/13 - Guides learning about maples from the Plant Committee; here by 'Omato', on the East path

3.) For everyone: Our next film showing,  'Dream Window', 1992 - is at 1 pm Thursday, October 24. All interested invited.

4.) For everyone: 4th Annual Photography Workshop−Autumn at the Seattle Japanese Garden
with Ray Pfortner, educator & photographer starts Friday, Oct. 11 & 18, 6:30-9 pm (at Laurelhurst Community Center). Tuition: $220* ($200 for Garden members) Materials: $20. To register, contact Cheryl Brown at 206.386.9106 or

5.) For everyone: Tonight a fellow guide, Nat S. and I + our partners went to see 'Vermeer and Music' - streaming from The National Gallery, London, to our American movie theaters - very enjoyable:  to see more about the series check 'Exhibition on screen' here...

SJG • 10/4/13  - and this is just for you, Mary Ann Wiley! A maple turning on ZZW, or so called Service Road.

6.) For guides only: A reminder about our October 19th Fall Meeting (9:30 am start) followed by the Volunteer Luncheon.

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