Thursday, October 24, 2013

Maple Fest - some 10 days later...

by aleks
SJG • 10/22/13 - lace-leaf maple, leaf up-close
We showed the film 'Dream window' today in Tateuchi Community Room, to a very enthusiastic audience of guides. The film non-commitee is considering showing it at least once a year from now on, as it should probably be a 'required viewing' for all who guide in the Japanese Gardens  - not very many new guides had time to attend today, so we will try to reach them later with this.

The Maple Fest is continuing:  below some pics from last Tuesday:

SJG • 10/22/13 - our very old (past 100 years) lace-leaf maple, finally almost red

SJG • 10/22/13 - The Tea House Garden, seen from across the pond
SJG • 10/22/13 - Kathleen Smith beloved fern maple at ZZW
I didn't know it fades so fast: mere 10 days from  green to red, to fall on the ground...
SJG • 10/22/13 - Look at the Omato: it is all red, RED now!
Just a few posts below it was merely brownish...

SJG • 10/22/13 - don't even know what to call it.  Just out of this world. 


  1. That lace leaf Japanese maple is amazing! I wish we had any approaching 50 years much less 100 in our garden!

    1. Thanks, Jim! Our two old maples are simply amazing - i hope you can visit soon!