Friday, October 12, 2012

An Autumn Stroll

by Lynnda

Morning light, SJG - photo by Lynnda
 Last week, I took my daughter and granddaughter to the Japanese Garden for a fall stroll.  Sophie, who is 27 months old, still remembers feeding the koi with Ellie, Aleks' granddaughter, earlier this summer.  I wanted to give her another chance to feed the koi before their digestive systems go into hibernation.  And the weather did not disappoint!  This fall, everyone is talking about how wonderful the weather's been.  Beware, visitors from other states - this is NOT a typical autumn! The autumn foliage is not yet at the peak of brilliance, so the color show will continue to unfold over the next month.

Feeding koi at the SJG - photo by Lynnda

The koi slowly swam to where the food was floating, but before they could even think to open their mouths, the ducks were swimming on top of them, looking as though they were harassing everything with fins.  The turtles didn't even bother showing up at the feeding stations!  I kept throwing food to the mallards on one side of the moon-viewing platform so Brooke and Sophie could give the koi a chance to slurp some fish kibble.

Autumn viburnum in bloom - photo by Lynnda

Mallard - photo by Lynnda
 Many of the viburnum (Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum) are flowering, not as heavily as in the spring, but the contrast in the blossoms and the foliage as it begins to change from green to rust, burgundy, and maroon, can take your breath away. This viburnum was on the western side on the sea, north of the zig-zag bridge.  I saw a lone blue iris (Iris ensata) blooming near the tea house, and there were also a few Japanese primroses (Primula japonica), the flowers on much shorter stems than the spring blooms.

Cotoneasters in granite - photo by Lynnda

 The cotoneasters (Cotoneaster hybrid) are brilliant along the granite wall at the north end of the inland sea.  The red berries are spectacular, showcasing the plants growing out of small spaces between the boulders.  Sitting on this bench, or the one above the granite wall, allows one to have an overview of the garden's colors.  This tapestry will continue to unfold until the garden closes for the season.  If you have a chance to visit between now and November 11, do it!  The warm autumn sun brings out the fall colors, but I also think the garden has a special allure in the soft rains that are soon to begin.  Enjoy!

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  1. sweet!:) is Sophie ready for 2013 docent training yet? i hope so. the pic of her looking at koi is adorable!

    and the mallard pic! today Patty turned my attention to white frontal geese which she said is on short migratory visit to our garden from arctics.. i snapped some pics. post later...

    and yes, the viburnum is flowering. again!


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