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by Nat S.
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in the TATEUCHI ROOM NEXT THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2012 at 1:30pm

The third offering in our pilot series is the highly acclaimed feature film by Director Yasujiro Ozu.  If you haven't seen it but the title sounds familiar, perhaps, it's because in 2012 "Tokyo Story" achieved #1 rank in a Director's Poll and #3 in a Critic's Poll which are conducted by the British Film Institute every ten years.  Join us in seeing the film by the director who took the top spot from Orson Welles.

The film was made in 1953 and takes place in that era. There are no samurai or famous historical figures. Ozu shows us family life and human nature in way that is simple and moving.  The story involves a couple who live in a small seaside town (Onomichi) in southwest Japan and travel by train to see their grown children in Tokyo and Osaka. Only their youngest unmarried daughter lives with them.  To know more about the film and since Roger Ebert tells it so well, please see his article online from 1972 and from 2003.

Before the start of the film on Thursday, there will be a 5-minute introduction by its host, Nat S.  The film runs 136 minutes so a brief intermission is scheduled at a suitable break-away point.  We invite you to stick around after the conclusion of the film for conversation.  Snacks and beverage provided. See you there!

Joan K., Aleks M., Shizue P. and Nat S.

Criterion Trailer here:

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Unrelated EXTRA, EXTRA JG news from Patty- the- Gardener,  via aleks: 

the other day Patty turned my attention to a visitor on a brief migratory stop from the arctics - the Full Frontal/Greater White Fronted Goose.  I went after the bird with my camera, as Patty advised (several visitors  asked me recently about this strange bird they spotted, but that was the first time that I really saw it - thanks, Patty!)..  I  didn't have time to ask Patty how this all came about: why a solo bird, don't they fly in flocks? Where do they start? Some sources say Siberia... Where are they going?  Other sources say California...  Here is the pic I took, plus a link to an on-line description:

SJG - Oct. 12/2012 - Frontal/Greater White Fronted Goose on a short migratory visit to SJG

The white fronted goose write-up here:  from wikipedia:

Weather conditions are a key factor in the annual breeding success of White-fronted Geese. In the Arctic, the window of opportunity for nesting, incubating eggs, and raising a brood to flight state is open briefly, for about three months. Arriving in late May or early June, White-fronted Geese begin departing for fall staging areas in early September. This means that a delayed snowmelt or late spring storm can significantly reduce the birds' reproductive success...

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