Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Photo exhibition opening Sunday, October 7th

by aleks
Coming very soon (THIS Sunday) and open to everyone who wants to see it: 
October 7, 2-5 pm in Tateuchi Community Room, SJG
Photographs from Ray Pfortner's spring workshop in Seattle Japanese Garden.

Photo by Mary Ann Cahlill

Come and see what the students saw through their lenses - some of the angles will delight or surprise you, as they show the Garden the way you may never saw it.  All the pics in this post are from the upcoming exhibition.

The exhibition will be open until the Garden closes this season (Nov. 12);  if you are in the Garden ask the entrance Gate people if there is someone available to show you the photographs (Tateuchi Community Room is not always open due to lack of supervision);  or, if you took a guided tour ask your guide about it.  The letter (below) from Mary, who schedules the tours,  encourages docents to share the exhibition with you, but it may not always fit the guide's tour plan, so ask!  (The class Mary mentions at the end of her letter is described in the previous blog-post).

Photo by Marcia M. Mueller

Good afternoon, Garden guides. 
Currently all Public and Private Tours during September are fully staffed by you! 

Any time you’re at the Garden, whether you’re attending a meeting or event, or guiding a personal, Private, or Public Tour, you’re invited to share with your guests the exciting new “Impressions Without Walls” photo exhibit in the Tateuchi Community Room (TCR).  It will be available through the end of the 2012 season.    

These Japanese Garden images were captured by photographers participating in Ray Pfortner’s “Mixed Media Photography Workshop” this past Spring.  Each photographer submitted 8 images for judging, and were invited to frame their top 3 images for exhibition in this show.   It’s a great collection of late Winter/early Spring Garden impressions. 

And every viewer is invited to choose their personal “best in show” and place a ballot in the “People’s Choice” ballot box on the TCR counter. 

The prints, framed or unframed, are available for purchase and contact info for each photographer is included for that purpose.  All photographers have offered to donate 30% of any purchase to the Japanese Garden! 

If you’d like to view the exhibit and/or share it with others, just ask the cashier on duty to open the TCR for you.  You’ll be responsible for monitoring the room until you close it up again.  This is a great idea for beginning or ending any tour or visit to the Garden.  On some weekend days, the photographers themselves will be staffing the TCR and making the exhibit available for everyone.    

If you feel inspired to contribute to a future exhibit consider registering for Ray’s next “Mixed Media Photography Workshop” which takes place in mid to late October.  A photo show for this Autumn workshop is planned to coincide with opening of the 2013 season! 
It’s class #89288; you can register at the Garden or on the Seattle Parks website.  It’s $220. (or $200. if you have a Garden annual pass.)

Meanwhile, enjoy!           
Photo by Mireille Kools
Photo by Dan Driscoll

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