Monday, November 17, 2014

HELLO from our guides in Japan!

by Dewey (in Japan)
I wrote our docents on a field-trip to Japan:  'dear field-trippers, can you spare a picture for the guides back home?'... I asked them to share their smart phone takes.  This is Dewey's photo-report, see if you can decipher it :). i wrote back 'than kju, Dewey. :)  aleks  (captions are Dewey's)

Dinner when group growing. [Japan, Nov. 2014]

Hi Aleks

Whywhy are you not here with us?
And take your own damn pictures on your own smart phone?

We are a smart phone challenge group. I think Peggy G. good do it. I can do it. Car I has not been able to be with us much. But she might be aable to do it. She's away is not. Ruth lost her phone. There does not have one. I forget to use mine. So my images are allin memory cards so don't be surprised if response is muted.

More as it happens
Bye for now! じゃ、またね!再见👋

Jizo's protecting us on the road [Japan, Nov. 2014]
English menu outfront of a noodle shop [Japan, Nov. 2014)
Not the alone at famous Gardens [Japan, Nov. 2014)
Special display for autumn season. Site of light show at night. Steven and Peggy went to it. They liked it. [Japan, Nov. 2014]
The priest  Mark arranged to teach us  Zen 101 [Japan, Nov. 2014]
Resent fad is do do the maple leaf rag in kimonos. Old fad of doing gestures for photos still continues [Japan, Nov. 2014]

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