Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Leaving Kyoto & waiting for bus to Katsura

Our Field Trippers to Japan, that is.  I do not think they sleep at all. Below pics from the last 24 hrs from Dewey - enjoy!

This batch came with a headline: 'Cara and Kim leave us tomorrow so we are having our first and last dinner together; do you know everyone's names?' (I do, but won't help internet snoopers, so posting without names):

Our guides in Japan, November 2014

Our guides in Japan, November 2014

Our guides in Japan, November 2014

Next batch was titled: 'now we have had too much beer', but only more food in the pictures:

Our guides in Japan, November 2014 - food tour?:)

Separate batch came from Kyoto, captions by Dewey:

Roof top garden.... [Kyoto, 2014]

Christmas has come to the stores  [Kyoto, 2014]

Hmmmmm....  [Kyoto, 2014]

Lunch....  [Kyoto, 2014]

latest from the station while waiting for bus to Katsura;
traditional Japanese restaurant - [Kyoto, 2014]
Thank you, Dewy, and how come we didn't include your group's report from the trip to Japan for 2015 continuing ed. calendar?  Will have to make a special session, I guess. 


  1. ummm...we hear from the Kyoto group Saturday, March your seats now.

    1. oh great woo-hoo! (must have slept through the meeting), yep, book your sits now. i noticed the absence of gardens in pictures, are they saving them for later?